handwriting in a few steps

How to improve your handwriting in a few steps?


It’s nearly impossible to forget how to write like riding a bike. Despite this, it is always possible to make progress to have beautiful writing whatever the age and whatever the job. The way everyone has learned to write will determine the way letters and words should be formed for life. It can also influence the perception of writing. There are steps to follow to achieve beautiful handwriting.

Ensure mastery of fine motor skills

To improve your writing, you must strengthen fine motor skills by doing some hand exercises. It should be noted that a firmer hand will allow for nice writing. It is useful to practice well to ensure the firmness of the hand while writing. For this reason, it is necessary to perform some exercises, games, creative hobbies. To work on fine motor skills, you have to touch your fingertips one after the other. It is necessary to resume the movement but more quickly for a few minutes. Accumulating the coins as high as possible is one of the exercises to work fine motor skills. To improve your writing, you also have to do a lot of practice by writing letters, postcards or even making the shopping list. Writing by hand is much more valuable. For example, receiving a letter by e-mail certainly does not have the same impression as a handwritten letter. There are alsocoaches who can help some people make pretty handwriting. To find a good coach to help you learn how to do beautiful handwriting, click here

Position your fingers correctly on the pen and apply the right pressure to the paper

It is necessary to ensure the position of the fingers on the pen to have a beautiful writing. It’s never too late to change the habits a person picks up the pen from when they want to handwrite. There is a position to consider for beautiful handwriting. Indeed, it is necessary to hold the pen using the thumb and the first phalanx of the middle finger of the fingers in pincer and not with the index finger or the thumb as most people have learned. It is the index that is only placed on the pen. This way of positioning the fingers well before writing makes it possible to have a pretty handwriting. This method is flexible, comfortable, easy to control even by moving the wrist. If the person uses a mechanical pencil, and the lead breaks half the time, this is a sign of poor pressure on the paper. You have to release that pressure. This way of releasing the pressure makes it possible to have a nice handwriting. Moreover, with more pressure, it is possible to have cramps at the level of the handle especially if the person writes a long time. So, doing handwriting requires a smooth motion, never lifting your hand too much. This will allow for smoother and more comfortable writing on the page. To also have beautiful handwriting, there is a coach This will allow for smoother and more comfortable writing on the page. To also have beautiful handwriting, there is a coach This will allow for smoother and more comfortable writing on the page. To also have beautiful handwriting, there is a coachindividual who can be of great help.

Have a good tool and good posture to write well

In fact, handwriting is more expensive in terms of time, but not only. In effect, handwriting has a positive impact on the brain, because writing with a pen activates the brain as much as writing on a keyboard. According to a scientific study, handwriting can activate the brain at the occipital, frontal, parietal, cerebellum and thalamus levels. It is very beneficial to do handwriting. But you have to use the right tool. It is very essential. Note that writing with various types of pens can produce very different results. To have a beautiful writing, it is necessary to take into account the pen to be used. It is advisable to use the right pen which will be more comfortable. Whatever tool you use to handwrite, you have to choose a pen that will make you more comfortable. You also have to have a niceposture while writing.

Write slowly and use grid paper

When children learn to write, they go soft and slow. This is the best technique to have good hand movement when writing. If a person writes faster, the handwriting will be less legible because they don’t have time to form the letters properly. This is the reason why it is necessary to write slowly so that the writing is well readable and very pretty. There are also other techniques to have beautiful handwriting. This involves using squared paper. By using this paper, it will be easier to make letters with the right proportions and size, because the lines on the grid paper will help a lot. Thanks to the use of this paper, the writing will be cleaner, more legible and well organized. By doing somepractice sessions to write on said paper will improve his handwriting

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