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The 7 essentials for a more beautiful handwriting


You’ll never forget how to write (much like riding a bicycle) but you can always progress and acquire prettier handwriting no matter how old you are. How we learn to write determines how we form words and letters throughout our lives. It can even influence our perception of writing: we like to write or not! Discover our essentials to have a beautiful handwriting.

Use our essentials to improve your writing!

1 – Correctly position your fingers on the pen

It is important to position your fingers correctly on the pen and it is never too late to change your habits! You should hold your pen using your thumb and the first knuckle of the middle finger as a “pinch”, not with the thumb/index finger as many of us have been taught. The index is only placed on the pen. It is more explicit in image, see photo. Is it comfortable, flexible, easy to control by moving the wrist? You have the right position!

2 – The right pressure on the paper

If, when using a mechanical pencil, the lead breaks every other time, this is a sign. Release the pressure! If you press too hard and write for a long time, cramps will occur. Writing requires fluid movement, without raising your hand too much. Don’t press like a bully! This will allow you to have a more comfortable and smoother writing on the page.

3 – Not so fast!

When children learn to write, they go slowly. It’s simply the best way to make sure you have the right movement. When you write quickly, your handwriting is less legible because you don’t take the time to properly form your letters. Take your time ! How many nanoseconds will you gain by writing so quickly (and sometimes how many minutes wasted deciphering yourself…).

4 – And if you find the slip of the squared paper

Learn to use grid sheets again! Lines will help you make letters the right size and proportions. Cleaner, more organized, your text will be more readable. And it will be easier to write afterwards without the lines when the occasion arises.

5 – The right tool: in-dis-pen-sa-ble

Have you noticed how – even as adults – we continue to have our favorite pens? It writes fine or on the contrary quite large, it is a pen, a marker, a roller. Writing with different types of pens produces very different results: is the grip comfortable? Is the pen or marker or roller the size of your hand? does it glide well on the paper without snagging, without smudging? If you haven’t yet, find the pen that’s right for you and keep it!

6 – Master your fine motor skills

It sounds barbaric like that, but no! Strengthening your fine motor skills will improve your handwriting. A steady hand is necessary for writing: practice and work on your fine motor skills with games, exercises, creative hobbies. And if you did it with your children or grandchildren? Today modeling dough workshop! They are the ones who will be happy! (see below).

Exercise your fine motor skills with the following activities Cutting, colouring, threading (beads, buttons, etc.), molding (balls, sausages, various objects, etc.), gluing (use of different materials: paper, fabrics, etc.), painting (fingers, sponge, brush…), sewing, assembling screws and nuts with your fingers, playing mikado!

What is fine motor skills? Fine motor skills are the ability to perform targeted and particularly coordinated movements in a confined space. To perform these movements, we have the head, the face, the mouth but above all the hands. The movements are fine, precise and meticulous. It is essential in everyday life: for tying your shoelaces, buttoning a shirt, catching a crumb or a coin on a table, sewing… or writing!

7 – Write, write, write

It is the practice that will allow you to improve your writing (this is the case for all activities!). Children do it at school. Try, you, to use handwriting every day: write letters, your shopping list, postcards, do crossword puzzles but also solve stress, make a decision (table for or against)… You will improve your handwriting and… put down on paper, for you alone, your thoughts, helps to resolve many internal or external conflicts…

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